Do you love watching TV or playing games for long hours while sitting on your chair? Well, if you are sitting long hours for whatever reasons, you must focus all your attention on this piece of writing.

So, in this article, we are going to explain how too much sitting can put your life in harm’s way. And, we would also make you aware of avoiding the risks associated with too much sitting. Let’s put your sleeves up and read the article carefully.

What are the harmful effects of sitting?

How Harmful Is Too Much SittingMany research has concluded that people who sit for long periods are more likely to suffer from a variety of health diseases such as metabolic syndrome and obesity. Both of these problems can cause an increased level of blood pressure, excess body fat, and high blood sugar. Ultimately, if you sit too much, you are going to put your health on the line as some evidence have suggested excessive sitting can cause cancer and cardiovascular diseases as well.

The above risk factors were segregated from other types of common risk factors for cardiovascular diseases such as smoking or high blood pressure. Moreover, many studies have suggested too much sitting is the main reason for obesity, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancerous diseases. Not to mention, your metabolism will slow down from sitting for long periods, making your body weak. As a result, blood will not flow naturally in your vein and you will have high blood pressure and a complete breakdown of body fat.

How can you reduce the risk of sitting too much?

How Harmful Is Too Much SittingUp until now, we have explained the harmful effects of sitting. But, we are going to tell you the ways to reduce the risk of sitting. Many types of research have shown that if you exercise for a minimum of 60 minutes, you can easily offset these negative effects. In fact, the remedy to this problem is simple – less sitting and more moving! Besides, you can follow the below tips to make sure you are moving all day long:

  • Standup when you are using a phone or working on your tablet.
  • If you have to work at a desk for long hours, you should bring in a standing desk.
  • You can even improvise it with a high table or countertop table.
  • You can practice walking in laps while having a meeting with your colleges in a conference room.
  • You can position your work surface above a treadmill to ensure you are moving throughout the day.

Bottom Line

If you have read so far, you have probably understood the damaging effects of sitting. We are not saying that you can’t sit. Rather we are warning you about a sedentary time where you are just sitting on your chair or couch. In truth, reducing the sedentary time is as important as eating a healthy balanced diet. So, follow our advice and make your life great!

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