26/11/2016 Jazztopad NFM / 19:00 / Wrocław ”We are crying” – Premiere
09/11/2016 "Ladom", ul Jazdów 7/14 / 20:00 / Warszawa Masecki / Kuyateh
04/11/2016 Kościół Ojców Jezuitów / 19:00 / POZNAŃ Masecki / Rogiewicz: Górecki
10/10/2016 BarStudio / 20:00 / WARSZAWA SZAMBURSKI / MASECKI


Marcin Masecki, b. 1982, is a native of Warsaw, pianist, conductor, composer and entrepreneur. He runs or is a member of a plethora of projects within a wide range of styles. His virtuosic fusion of seemingly opposing genres as well as the blurring of borders between high art and entertainment have become his trademarks.

On the classical side he is currently preparing an album with Chopin’s Nocturnes, performed on his faithful companion – a small and rather dinky upright piano of British make. This is his fifth classical album, his previous being Beethoven’s Last Piano Sonatas (recorded with noise-cancelling headphones, so as interpret the music from the deaf composer’s perspective), “Kunst der Fuga” (Bach’s grand fugue cycle recorded on a Steinway, but with an old tape dictaphone, thus exploring the possibilities of lo-fi in classical music), “Bach: Rewrite” (keyboard concertos played on vintage electric pianos, joined by Piotr Orzechowski and the Capella Cracoviensis on historical instruments) and “Scarlatti” (a deconstruction of Scarlatti’s Sonatas, heavily embellished with improvisation, played both on upright and grand pianos).

On the jazz side he has been leading a traditional big band for the last 4 years, playing mostly for dance parties. The band performs Masecki’s arrangements of golden classics, mainly music of New York City from the 1930’s, as always spiced up with elements from other styles. He also performs it in a mini setup, only with drummer Jerzy Rogiewicz, where they focus more on an older type of ragtime from the 20s. Before the big band he has led jazz ensembles of various sizes, among them a sextet “Profesjonalizm” and a nonet “Polonezy”, which played his original set of variations on the Polonaise – Poland’s national dance, curiously undeveloped since the romantic era.

In between these he finds room to pursue his love of free improvised music, performing for the last 15 years with Israeli drummer Ziv Ravitz, and taking part in various projects, such as his upcoming duo with bass legend Barry Guy.

As an entrepreneur he is the curator of a summer festival in Warsaw under the name “Transkrypcje”, focusing on chamber arrangements of symphonic classical repertoire. Last summer was devoted to Beethoven’s nine symphonies. He is also member of Lado ABC, a music label and network of musicians centered around Warsaw’s alternative music scene.

As a composer he is regularly commissioned by modern ensembles and institutions. His closest premiere is “Lacrymae”, a piece written especially for the Jazztopad Festival in Wrocław, featuring a women’s choir and a extended brass band.

Masecki also writes for film and theatre, and he performs with Candelaria Saenz Valiente’s band Pictorial Candi (privately his wife). He loves her very much.