Marcin Masecki. Born in Warsaw in 1982. Pianist, composer, conductor, member of the independent label Lado ABC, leader and participant of an astounding variety of projects. Winner of many awards Masecki is widely recognized as a leading figure in the polish independent music scene. Among others he leads a jazz sextet “Profesjonalizm”, he is the director of WOR – Warsaw Orchestra of Recreation – and he is  member of international bands Paristetris and Pictorial Candi. His latest project POLONEZY is a 10-piece brass band which plays a set of original Polonaises.
His parallel passion is classical music which he most often presents in contexts foreign to it. He is an advocate of treating classical music as a legitimate and fully integrated element of the modern musical landscape, not just as an elitist museum piece (which unfortunately happens often).

For the last year Masecki has been working with the Amateur Fire Brigade Orchestra from the small town of Słupca, for which he wrote his Symphony nr. 1. He has also written for the Poznań Filharmonic Orchestr, Elbląg Chamber Orchestra, and the cello ensemble Cellonet.


polonezyPOLONEZY – Masecki’s current project – is a set of Polonaises composed for a 10-piece brass orchestra.

As the artist himself says: “The Polonaise, our national dance, is a now forgotten form. It is not a ballroom dance as it once was and it doesn’t have the patriotic significance it had during occupation periods. Today we hear the Polonaise only on our high school prom and on Chopin recitals. And yet, every Pole knows the dance and in some barely perceptible way it runs in our vains.” Precisely this modern lack of interest in this most characteristically polish musical idiom is what drove Masecki to compose modern polonaises. The set was commissioned by the Kody Festival in Lublin 2012 and was released as CD in may 2013.

The band:

  • Marcin Masecki – director, piano / accordeon
  • Maurycy Idzikowski, Filip Mazur – trumpets
  • Michał Górczyński, Piotr Mróz – clarinets
  • Bartek Smorągiewicz, Tomasz Duda – saxophones
  • Michał Tomaszczyk, Piotr Wróbel – trombones
  • Jerzy Rogiewicz – drumms


Date Location Description
26.10.2014 ISTAMBUL, Akbank Jazz Festival SOLO
26.04.2014 WARSZAWA, Klub Komediowy Klancyk feat. Marcin Masecki
26.03.2014 ISTANBUL, Pera Museum SOLO – A Deconstruction of Scarlatti’s Sonatas
25.02.2014 WARSZAWA, Cafe Kulturalna Masecki / Pałosz – Bach, Viola da Gamba Sonatas
05.07.2013 SZCZECIN, Spoiwa Kultury POLONEZY



Chaconne BWV 1004 by J.S. Bach - Marcin Masecki piano

Music from "Fuck For Forrest" - Solo Piano


POLONEZY - Polonaise Lente