Breakfasts You Can Make With a Pressure Cooker

Breakfasts You Can Make With a Pressure Cooker

Most of us find it pressure cooker as a great kitchen appliance for our kitchen. And how true it is because, with a pressure cooker, you can actually make a wide range of tasty breakfast items. Well, that’s sound awesome but pressure cooker has much more to offer. It uses less energy than a stovetop. You will have to work less to clean it. Last but not the least, you can just sit back relax while the pressure cooker will cook foods with a simple push of a button. If you are looking for a high quality pressure cooker the instant pot ip-duo60 is our recommendation as its a high quality pressure cooker your can cook all these breakfast items in it. So, in this article, we are going to shed light on the breakfast items that you can cook with a pressure cooker. Let’s move forward and read out the article carefully.

1. Egg Muffins

Egg MuffinsYou can make egg muffins with an abundance if you use a pressure cooker. The reason is – you can reheat them quickly and if you want them to be more decadent, just slice the egg muffins in half. Then sandwich them between a warmed croissants. There you go, you have your quick breakfast with an eff muffin.

2. Berries and Cream Breakfast Cake

If you want cake for your breakfast, then the pressure cooker is for you. Just grab it and use a bundt pan to make a delectable cake with berries and ice-cream. Keep the berries inside and put yogurt on top of the cake with ice-cream. We are sure your whole day would come good if you start your morning with this breakfast item.

3. Homemade Yogurt

Homemade YogurtDo you know fresh homemade yogurt can make you’re an awesome breakfast? Well, mix it up with some juicy fruit and granola and use your pressure cooker. You will instantly have one of the healthiest breakfasts in your diet.

4. Pressure Cooker Bread

This breakfast item is a boondocking-friendly breakfast item, which made using a pressure cooker. It won’t take too much of a time and it will consume less energy. Just use the bread and made a simple yet effective breakfast.

5. Simple Strawberry Jam

Simple Strawberry JamSince we are using the term ‘Simple,’ don’t get uninterested because, with strawberry jam and some homemade yogurt, you can make a fine breakfast item. Just spread the whole jam and yogurt on bread and put them into a pressure cooker. Then you will have a cool breakfast to eat on a sunny morning day.

6. Salty Mushroom Thyme Oatmeal

Some of us are not so fond of sweets and this is when this breakfast item comes into play. With mushroom and oatmeal, you can actually make a creamy and cheesy breakfast. Put a few slices of bacon into the mix, you will have delicious breakfast on your hand.

7. 5-Ingredient Pressure Cooker Cheesy Egg Bake

The last breakfast on our list is a hearty one and you can make it quite easily. Yes, we are talking about the pressure cooker cheesy egg. To make this breakfast item, you will need five ingredients with one pot. It will require only 15 minutes of your time. After that, you are ready for a tasty ride with cheesy egg breakfast.

What’s Next?

That’s all we have got for you. All of the above breakfast items are special in their own way but the thing that makes them unique is the pressure cooker. Yes! You heard us right because, with an RV pressure cooker, you can virtually make your morning breakfast more delightful and tasty. So, tell us what you think about those items by sharing your thoughts in the comment section.

Top Seafood Restuarants In Reykjavik

Top Seafood Restuarants In Reykjavik

We all know that how delicious seafood is and everyone seems to have been looking for the best seafood restaurant. So, here we are, in this article, we are going to talk about the best seafood restaurants in Reykjavik. But, why have we chosen Reykjavik as our go-to place for seafood restaurants? The answer is simple – Iceland is renowned for producing amazing seafood. Therefore, let’s move further and find out where you will get to eat seafood in abundance.

1. Fiskmarkaðurinn (Aðalstræti 12, Reykjavík)

Fiskmarkaðurinn (Aðalstræti 12, Reykjavík)The first restaurant on our list is the Fiskmarkaðurinn or The Fishmarket. It is one of the famous seafood restaurants in Iceland. Here, the signature dish is the lightly salted cod, which is beautifully peeled. The dish served with dried cranberries, pure potatoes, and celery salad. Not to mention, the eatery is well-decorated with colorful lights and elegant décor.

2. Fish and Chips (Grandi harbor area, Reykjavík)

Located in the Grandi harbor area, Fish and Chips is a food truck, run by some of the very best chefs in Iceland (all of them have taken their courses from the Nati­onal Federati­on of Fish Friers). In fact, the owners of this food truck have been working tirelessly to protect and promote around 8500 fish and chip shops in the United Kingdom. They serve proper fishes and chips as they bring the fishes from the trawler Arnar directly. On the other hand, the chips along with vinegar and the mushy peas come from England.

3. Matur OG drykkur (Grandagarður 2, Reykjavík)

Matur OG drykkur (Grandagarður 2, Reykjavík)Matur OG drykkur is renowned for serving traditional and Icelandic dishes. The signature dish of this eatery is the cod’s head. They cook it with chicken stock and dulse. Besides, the cod’s head is served with a tasty potato salad, which makes it an amazing seafood dish.

4. MAR Seafood Restaurant (Old Harbor, Central Reykjavik)

MAR Seafood Restaurant acknowledges the contribution of the sea around us. For this reason, the owner of this eatery has named it MAR, which is an Old Icelandic word for the ocean. Located at the old harbor in the center of Reykjavík, this restaurant is a classic combination of South-American and southern European style. The signature dishes in this restaurant are fish and nuggets with various gourmet dishes are also available for restaurant-goers. What’s more, all the dishes are served in an elegant and beautiful way. If you have a careful look around the eatery, you will find the entire décor provides a Scandinavian minimalist décor with an authentic old-harbor feel.

5. Sægreifinn (Tryggvagata, Reykjavík)

Sægreifinn is a small yet a popular seafood restaurant in Reykjavik. Founded by Kjartan Halldórsson, a former chef for Icelandic Coast Guard, this restaurant is famous for serving delicious lobster soup. However, you may love to try fermented skate, which is one of the traditional dishes in Iceland as well.

6. Kopar Seafood Restaurant (The Old Harbor – Reykjavik)

Kopar Seafood Restaurant (The Old Harbor – Reykjavik)

Kopar seafood restaurant is located at the old harbor of Reykjavik. It’s one of that eatery with a tremendous reputation of serving Icelandic Rock Crab. This rock crab is brought from Hvalfjörður fjord. However, their dishes just don’t stop here as you will have the options of choosing from a variety of sea fishes and meat dishes like the Icelandic lamb. In truth, Kopar is one of the best seafood restaurants with a unique décor where you will get to eat many tasteful seafood dishes.

7. Argentina Steakhouse (Reykjavik Central, Capital Area)

The last seafood restaurant on our list is the Argentina Steakhouse, which is located in the Capital Area of Reykjavik Central region. The signature dish here is the Argentinian-style grilled meats and fishes. From the very beginning, the eatery focused on serving Icelandic beef of highest quality. However, you can even eat different kinds of seafood and meat items like the Icelandic lamb.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is no matter which seafood restaurant you decide to go, you will always get the very best quality seafood in Reykjavik. In fact, millions of tourists from around the world come to Reykjavik to witness the mystic blue whale and combine with it, they hover around at different places to eat seafood. So, tell us if we have missed any of the best seafood restaurants in Reykjavik by commenting below!

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