Biography of Pianist ‘Marcin Masecki’

You would find a few pianists who would take the world by storm with their elegant music yet at the same time they would remain so humble about what they do. So, today, we are going to talk about a pianist who possesses extraordinary talent with sheer determination to reach the very top of the music industry.

Yes! We are talking about Marcin Masecki, a Warsaw native who is not just a musician but also a composer, conductor, and entrepreneur. He was born in 1982 and from the very beginning, he showed his talent with playful music with piano. He is famous for covering virtuosic fusion of different genres. In fact, Marcin Masecki is renowned for his versatility, involving in various projects.

Biography of Pianist ‘Marcin Masecki’If we talk about the classical side of the music, he would remain on top as he is preparing for his latest album Chopin’s Nocturnes. This album would be his fifth album. His previous albums include the Beethoven’s Last Piano Sonatas (it is created from a deaf composer’s viewpoint), Kunst der Fuga, ‘Bach: Rewrite’, and Scarlatti (it is a deconstruction of Scarlatti’s Sonatas, which is played on upright and grand pianos).

As for jazz, Marcin Masecki is one of the leading big bands for the last four years. He has been playing for different dance parties. His band performs the classic arrangements of Masecki, which is essentially from 1930’s jazz music. But, these jazz covers include fusions to make sure they are spiced up with different styles.

What’s more, Marcin Masecki performs within a mini setup with drummer Jerzy Rogiewicz. When he and Jerzy Rogiewicz performs, their main focus is on the older version of ragtime covers from the 1920s. Before involving with the big band, Marcin Masecki led many jazz bands including the Profesjonalizm and a nonet ‘Polonezy’. The ‘Polonezy’ was played on Poland’s national dance as well.

Biography of Pianist ‘Marcin Masecki’Aside from music commitment, Marcin Masecki is a solid entrepreneur and music aficionado. Even he has been performing with Ziv Ravitz, an Israeli drummer. He and Ziv have been taking part in different projects like the releasing new work with bass legend Barry Guy. As for his entrepreneurial involvement, he is the supervisor of the summer music festival in Warsaw, which goes by the name of ‘Transkrypcje.’ The main focus of this festival is the arrangements of symphonic classical repertoire. Additionally, he is also a member of the Lado ABC. Lado ABC is a music label and a network of musicians, which is centered on the alternative music scene.

Not to mention, as a composer Marcin Masecki is invited by some of the best and modern institutions. For instance – he was invited to the premiere of Lacrymae. Last but not the least, he also writes the scripts for many films and theater performances where he also performs with Candelaria Saenz Valiente’s (who is his loving wife) band, Pictorial Candi.

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