Biography of Pianist ‘Marcin Masecki’

Biography of Pianist ‘Marcin Masecki’

You would find a few pianists who would take the world by storm with their elegant music yet at the same time they would remain so humble about what they do. So, today, we are going to talk about a pianist who possesses extraordinary talent with sheer determination to reach the very top of the music industry.

Yes! We are talking about Marcin Masecki, a Warsaw native who is not just a musician but also a composer, conductor, and entrepreneur. He was born in 1982 and from the very beginning, he showed his talent with playful music with piano. He is famous for covering virtuosic fusion of different genres. In fact, Marcin Masecki is renowned for his versatility, involving in various projects.

Biography of Pianist ‘Marcin Masecki’If we talk about the classical side of the music, he would remain on top as he is preparing for his latest album Chopin’s Nocturnes. This album would be his fifth album. His previous albums include the Beethoven’s Last Piano Sonatas (it is created from a deaf composer’s viewpoint), Kunst der Fuga, ‘Bach: Rewrite’, and Scarlatti (it is a deconstruction of Scarlatti’s Sonatas, which is played on upright and grand pianos).

As for jazz, Marcin Masecki is one of the leading big bands for the last four years. He has been playing for different dance parties. His band performs the classic arrangements of Masecki, which is essentially from 1930’s jazz music. But, these jazz covers include fusions to make sure they are spiced up with different styles.

What’s more, Marcin Masecki performs within a mini setup with drummer Jerzy Rogiewicz. When he and Jerzy Rogiewicz performs, their main focus is on the older version of ragtime covers from the 1920s. Before involving with the big band, Marcin Masecki led many jazz bands including the Profesjonalizm and a nonet ‘Polonezy’. The ‘Polonezy’ was played on Poland’s national dance as well.

Biography of Pianist ‘Marcin Masecki’Aside from music commitment, Marcin Masecki is a solid entrepreneur and music aficionado. Even he has been performing with Ziv Ravitz, an Israeli drummer. He and Ziv have been taking part in different projects like the releasing new work with bass legend Barry Guy. As for his entrepreneurial involvement, he is the supervisor of the summer music festival in Warsaw, which goes by the name of ‘Transkrypcje.’ The main focus of this festival is the arrangements of symphonic classical repertoire. Additionally, he is also a member of the Lado ABC. Lado ABC is a music label and a network of musicians, which is centered on the alternative music scene.

Not to mention, as a composer Marcin Masecki is invited by some of the best and modern institutions. For instance – he was invited to the premiere of Lacrymae. Last but not the least, he also writes the scripts for many films and theater performances where he also performs with Candelaria Saenz Valiente’s (who is his loving wife) band, Pictorial Candi.

7 Mistakes You’re Making on the Elliptical

Mistakes You’re Making on the Elliptical

Nowadays, an elliptical machine is one of the popular machines in the gym. More and more people have been using an elliptical trainer for obvious reasons. Since 1997, elliptical machine users have increased rapidly. To be precise, the number of users have sevenfold by 2007 (According to International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association).

As you can understand this machine has become the go-to trainer for cardiovascular exercise or for a weight loss program, but many people often make mistakes by not using the machine correctly.

So, in this article we have reached out to the editors of that have been really friendly and helpfull when it comes to making a list of things to avoid when it comes to using the elliptical machine. We are going to explain the seven deadly mistakes that people make while exercising with an elliptical machine. Let’s have a quick look at these mistakes and learn how you can avoid them. For expert tips on how to use the elliptical I recommend that you visit them and read their elliptical buying guide for valuable information about how to choose the best elliptical machine for your needs.

Mistakes You’re Making on the Elliptical

  1. You are not entering the correct information on elliptical machine

Almost all types of elliptical machines are suitable for a 150-pound person, but you can still customize it to your weight, height, and measurement. We are emphasizing on this issue because the more accurate information you put on the machine, the better results you would get from it.

  1. You are not using your resistance properly

No matter how much pressure you put on the elliptical machine, if you are not using your resistance, you are not going to achieve the desired results. In that case, you need to use enough resistance to ensure you are pushing and pulling through the stride. Afterwards, you can continue on a reasonable pace until you are exhausted.

  1. You are not engaging your muscles enough

This mistake is one of the common mistakes people make on an elliptical machine. The thing is if you stand upright, it will help in lengthening your abs, putting your upper body muscles into work. According to Neal I. Pire, MA, CSCS, a certified personal trainer, you should hop more on an elliptical machine to make sure your upper body component is engaged. In that way, you will engage more muscles rather than sitting idle. As a result, you will burn more fat and calories.

Mistakes You’re Making on the Elliptical

  1. You are not changing directions regularly

Most of us just go backward on an elliptical machine. This will not only make your feel bored but also it will change the course of your large muscle’s directions. Therefore, you should just sit back slightly and keep your knees at a 90-degree angle while making strides. It will definitely maximize your exercise on the elliptical trainer.

  1. You are using the same workout methods every day

If you are not using different workout methods, you are not going to see any results. We all know how effective intervals during the exercise can be. In fact, it is essential to break up the monotony of the machine and boost your calorie burning process. However, you should do it by keeping a steady resistance level and changing your pace of. For example – you can be fast for one minute and slow for the next four minutes. Another way is to maintain the speed level constant while changing the resistance level like fast for one minute and then slow for the next four minutes.

Mistakes You’re Making on the Elliptical

  1. You are putting too much pressure on your toes

Another common mistake people make on the elliptical machine is putting extensive pressure on the toes. Well, this excessive pressure can make your feet numb, cut-shorting your workout regime massively. However, you can just sit back on your heels and allow the large muscle groups to work harder. It will provide you with the much-needed stamina for a long time.

  1. You are not putting your upper body to work

We have already talked about how engaging the upper body can make or break your exercise. Therefore, you should not disengage your upper body. You can move the handles of elliptical for two days a week. It will incorporate your upper body to work. Besides, when you are working with your arms and legs, you must take sufficient intervals. It will make your exercise more effective.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is if you are making the above mistakes on the elliptical machine, you will just waste your energy and time. What’s more, using the same routine and workouts every day can make your case worst. Try using different routines such as incorporating weight training with cardio equipment. Also, you should try various workout methods to make sure your body is not rigid. So, tell us what you think about those mistakes by commenting below!

Sitting Risks: How Harmful Is Too Much Sitting?

Do you love watching TV or playing games for long hours while sitting on your chair? Well, if you are sitting long hours for whatever reasons, you must focus all your attention on this piece of writing.

So, in this article, we are going to explain how too much sitting can put your life in harm’s way. And, we would also make you aware of avoiding the risks associated with too much sitting. Let’s put your sleeves up and read the article carefully.

What are the harmful effects of sitting?

How Harmful Is Too Much SittingMany research has concluded that people who sit for long periods are more likely to suffer from a variety of health diseases such as metabolic syndrome and obesity. Both of these problems can cause an increased level of blood pressure, excess body fat, and high blood sugar. Ultimately, if you sit too much, you are going to put your health on the line as some evidence have suggested excessive sitting can cause cancer and cardiovascular diseases as well.

The above risk factors were segregated from other types of common risk factors for cardiovascular diseases such as smoking or high blood pressure. Moreover, many studies have suggested too much sitting is the main reason for obesity, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancerous diseases. Not to mention, your metabolism will slow down from sitting for long periods, making your body weak. As a result, blood will not flow naturally in your vein and you will have high blood pressure and a complete breakdown of body fat.

How can you reduce the risk of sitting too much?

How Harmful Is Too Much SittingUp until now, we have explained the harmful effects of sitting. But, we are going to tell you the ways to reduce the risk of sitting. Many types of research have shown that if you exercise for a minimum of 60 minutes, you can easily offset these negative effects. In fact, the remedy to this problem is simple – less sitting and more moving! Besides, you can follow the below tips to make sure you are moving all day long:

  • Standup when you are using a phone or working on your tablet.
  • If you have to work at a desk for long hours, you should bring in a standing desk.
  • You can even improvise it with a high table or countertop table.
  • You can practice walking in laps while having a meeting with your colleges in a conference room.
  • You can position your work surface above a treadmill to ensure you are moving throughout the day.

Bottom Line

If you have read so far, you have probably understood the damaging effects of sitting. We are not saying that you can’t sit. Rather we are warning you about a sedentary time where you are just sitting on your chair or couch. In truth, reducing the sedentary time is as important as eating a healthy balanced diet. So, follow our advice and make your life great!

Which Macerating Toilet is Best For You?

Which Macerating Toilet is Best For You

Renovating a house can be a daunting task. After all, not only you have to worry about expenses and the actual work that goes into the renovation, but you also have to consider several equally important factors such as your home’s layout, the interior design, and even the wiring and plumbing. And if you are planning to expand your house and build another bathroom, then the plumbing becomes an even greater consideration.

This is why when building a house, one should already consider the possibility of expansion in the future. This way, certain preparation can be made in terms of electrical wiring and plumbing. Electrical wiring is a bit easier to resolve in case of an expansion, but plumbing can be quite tricky. And while adding another shower or sink can be managed quite easily, this is not the case when adding another toilet. So what do you do if you want to construct another bathroom but the soil and vent pipe are not easily accessible from your ideal location of the new bathroom? This is where macerating toilets factor in.

In this article, we will discuss what macerating toilets are, how they function, and what factors to consider to determine which macerating toilet is best suited for your needs. Let us get started.

What is a macerating toilet?

Which Macerating Toilet is Best For YouSimply put, a macerating toilet is a special kind of toilet which employs a certain type of blending or grinding mechanism. This mechanism enables the toilet to reduce solid human waste to smaller pieces, thus making it easier to move waste by pumping. Macerating toilets are often installed in places where water pressure is too low, or when the location of the bathroom is below or too far from the sewer drain pipe and are often called upflush toilets.

In general, macerating toilets tend to be more costly than regular flush toilets. However, this does not mean that installing one is not cost-effective. If anything, investing in a high-quality macerating toilet is more practical as it is nowhere near as expensive as modifying your plumbing and sewerage system. While macerating toilets can easily cost you less than a thousand dollars, dealing with your drain pipes can cost you upwards of $10,000 dollars – and that is if you are lucky! That said, buying and installing a macerating toilet is certainly more affordable and more convenient than installing a regular one but modifying your entire plumbing.

How do macerating toilets work?

Macerating toilets rely on the same technology employed in typical macerators (such as the ones installed in sinks to grind food). So in order to understand how macerating toilets work, one must understand the mechanism through which macerators typically operate.

Basically, macerating is the process of converting solids (in the case of macerators and macerating toilets, solid waste) into some form of slurry. This conversion is done by soaking the solid in existing liquids and then using a grinding or blending mechanism to transform the solid mass into something that can easily be moved along the pipes. This is especially beneficial in home settings where the pipes are typically narrower and, thus, less able to move solid matter along without clogging. Since macerating toilets combine a grinding or blending mechanism with an electric pump that can move along near-liquid waste even through small or narrow pipes, they make installation of additional toilets possible without having to mess with the existing plumbing.

How do you determine which macerating toilet is best for you?

Which Macerating Toilet is Best For YouMacerating toilets might not be as popular and commons as their regular flush counterparts, but this does not mean that there are no choices in the market. On the contrary, big manufacturers have come up with various make and models of macerating toilets, each one catering to a specific need and price point. That said, you do not have to worry about not being able to find a macerating toilet that will fit your size and capacity specifications or your interior design. As long as you know which macerating toilet is the best for you, it is actually quite easy to find one.

Now this brings us to this question: how do you know which macerating toilet is actually suitable for your needs? Well, here are three key factors you should take into consideration:

  • Water pressure. Macerating toilets are installed with an electric pump which moves along liquid waste down the pipes. To determine how strong of a pump you need, you first have to know the water pressure in your area. This is especially the case if you are installing the macerating toilet in the second floor of your house or higher where water pressure might be lower. The lower the water pressure in the location where you will be installing the macerating toilet, the more powerful pump you need.
  • Water consumption. Another important consideration is water consumption. If you are living in an area where water tends to be more expensive or if you are simply mindful of the environment, then you would definitely want to purchase a macerating toilet with lower water consumption. Note that low water consumption does not automatically translate to low efficiency. For good measure, find a macerating toilet with a powerful pump but with low water consumption.
  • Energy consumption. Since the grinding or blending mechanism, as well as the pump, of a macerating toilet makes use of electricity to function, you will definitely want to look for a macerating toilet with lower energy consumption.
  • This is not as crucial as the first three factors, but as a matter of convenience, you should opt for a macerating toilet that generates minimal noise when being used. After all, nobody wants to be woken up during the night by a noisy toilet.

Taking into consideration these four factors will help you find the perfect upflush toilet for your needs. These factors will also guide you in case you decide to compromise certain factors to find one which falls within your budget. Bear in mind that these are the most crucial and will greatly affect your convenience after installation.

Breakfasts You Can Make With a Pressure Cooker

Breakfasts You Can Make With a Pressure Cooker

Most of us find it pressure cooker as a great kitchen appliance for our kitchen. And how true it is because, with a pressure cooker, you can actually make a wide range of tasty breakfast items. Well, that’s sound awesome but pressure cooker has much more to offer. It uses less energy than a stovetop. You will have to work less to clean it. Last but not the least, you can just sit back relax while the pressure cooker will cook foods with a simple push of a button. If you are looking for a high quality pressure cooker the instant pot ip-duo60 is our recommendation as its a high quality pressure cooker your can cook all these breakfast items in it. So, in this article, we are going to shed light on the breakfast items that you can cook with a pressure cooker. Let’s move forward and read out the article carefully.

1. Egg Muffins

Egg MuffinsYou can make egg muffins with an abundance if you use a pressure cooker. The reason is – you can reheat them quickly and if you want them to be more decadent, just slice the egg muffins in half. Then sandwich them between a warmed croissants. There you go, you have your quick breakfast with an eff muffin.

2. Berries and Cream Breakfast Cake

If you want cake for your breakfast, then the pressure cooker is for you. Just grab it and use a bundt pan to make a delectable cake with berries and ice-cream. Keep the berries inside and put yogurt on top of the cake with ice-cream. We are sure your whole day would come good if you start your morning with this breakfast item.

3. Homemade Yogurt

Homemade YogurtDo you know fresh homemade yogurt can make you’re an awesome breakfast? Well, mix it up with some juicy fruit and granola and use your pressure cooker. You will instantly have one of the healthiest breakfasts in your diet.

4. Pressure Cooker Bread

This breakfast item is a boondocking-friendly breakfast item, which made using a pressure cooker. It won’t take too much of a time and it will consume less energy. Just use the bread and made a simple yet effective breakfast.

5. Simple Strawberry Jam

Simple Strawberry JamSince we are using the term ‘Simple,’ don’t get uninterested because, with strawberry jam and some homemade yogurt, you can make a fine breakfast item. Just spread the whole jam and yogurt on bread and put them into a pressure cooker. Then you will have a cool breakfast to eat on a sunny morning day.

6. Salty Mushroom Thyme Oatmeal

Some of us are not so fond of sweets and this is when this breakfast item comes into play. With mushroom and oatmeal, you can actually make a creamy and cheesy breakfast. Put a few slices of bacon into the mix, you will have delicious breakfast on your hand.

7. 5-Ingredient Pressure Cooker Cheesy Egg Bake

The last breakfast on our list is a hearty one and you can make it quite easily. Yes, we are talking about the pressure cooker cheesy egg. To make this breakfast item, you will need five ingredients with one pot. It will require only 15 minutes of your time. After that, you are ready for a tasty ride with cheesy egg breakfast.

What’s Next?

That’s all we have got for you. All of the above breakfast items are special in their own way but the thing that makes them unique is the pressure cooker. Yes! You heard us right because, with an RV pressure cooker, you can virtually make your morning breakfast more delightful and tasty. So, tell us what you think about those items by sharing your thoughts in the comment section.

Seafood Health Benefits & Risks

Seafood Health Benefits & Risks

There are a few people who don’t love eating seafood. With mouthwatering taste and attractive food design, seafood is actually a great source of nutrients. In fact, seafood includes protein, vitamins, and minerals in abundance. Seafood also contains omega-3 fatty acid, which is an essential nutritional component for the human body.

So, in this article, we are going to explain the health benefits of Seafood to ensure you are aware of its amazing health benefits. Let’s move further and read the article carefully.

The Health Benefits of Seafood

Seafood Health Benefits & Risks1. Seafood contains essential nutrients: As we have said that seafood is rich in many nutritional components, it is an organic source of vitamins and minerals. To be precise, seafood includes vitamin B, D, and vitamin B-complex (vitamins such as B1, B3, biotin, B12, etc.). All these vitamins and minerals help the human bodies to function properly including influencing energy, maintaining metabolism, and enhancing the beauty of your skin.

2. Seafood cures heart problem: Seafood contain omega-3 fatty acids, which extremely significant for your heart. In truth, omega-3 fatty acid reduces the danger of cardiovascular diseases such as strokes, heart attacks, and arrhythmias.

Seafood Health Benefits & Risks3. Seafood helps in keeping a good eyesight: According to a study, conducted in 2014 by the Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science Journal, seafood can improve your eyesight. Additionally, people who eat omega-3 fatty acids are less prone to age-related macular degeneration, which can cause eye disorder. Not to mention, if you eat sea fish (shellfish), your night vision will enhance greatly, keeping your eyesight bright and strong.

4. Seafood boosts your brainpower: People who eat seafood on a regular basis are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. The reason is omega-3 fatty acids include DHA and EPA, which are essential for brain development of babies. A recent study has suggested that omega-3 fatty acids can improve the cognitive function of aging women as well.

5. Seafood is essential for pregnant women: Eating seafood during the pregnancy period can have positive effects on the birth weight of the baby because seafood increases the fetal growth and development. What’s more, seafood assists in reducing the preterm delivery and it helps in developing the central nervous system of the baby perfectly.

6. Seafood enhances immune system: As seafood is beneficial for reducing the diseases like asthma and allergies, it can also improve the immune system. Seafood contains omega-3 fatty acids, which has ‘Selenium’. This element is a p0tent antioxidant, which has the ability to amplify your immune system.

The Risk of Eating Seafood

Seafood Health Benefits & RisksLike other good things, seafood has some drawbacks, which can cause significant problems to the human body. Since seafood is part of the environment and food chain, it contains different contaminants such as the methylmercury.

Methylmercury is a heavy metal and a toxic contaminant, which is found in large and long-lived fish. This contaminant can harm the central nervous system of the fetus and infant.

What’s Next?

Despite the fact that seafood contains mercury (a toxic contaminant), most scientific evidence suggests, eating seafood will provide you many health benefits. In fact, seafood can contribute to your cardiovascular, immune, behavioral, neurologic, and other mental health outcomes. So, if you fond of eating delectable food and at the same time, if you are a health conscious person, you should start eating seafood!

Top Seafood Restuarants In Reykjavik

Top Seafood Restuarants In Reykjavik

We all know that how delicious seafood is and everyone seems to have been looking for the best seafood restaurant. So, here we are, in this article, we are going to talk about the best seafood restaurants in Reykjavik. But, why have we chosen Reykjavik as our go-to place for seafood restaurants? The answer is simple – Iceland is renowned for producing amazing seafood. Therefore, let’s move further and find out where you will get to eat seafood in abundance.

1. Fiskmarkaðurinn (Aðalstræti 12, Reykjavík)

Fiskmarkaðurinn (Aðalstræti 12, Reykjavík)The first restaurant on our list is the Fiskmarkaðurinn or The Fishmarket. It is one of the famous seafood restaurants in Iceland. Here, the signature dish is the lightly salted cod, which is beautifully peeled. The dish served with dried cranberries, pure potatoes, and celery salad. Not to mention, the eatery is well-decorated with colorful lights and elegant décor.

2. Fish and Chips (Grandi harbor area, Reykjavík)

Located in the Grandi harbor area, Fish and Chips is a food truck, run by some of the very best chefs in Iceland (all of them have taken their courses from the Nati­onal Federati­on of Fish Friers). In fact, the owners of this food truck have been working tirelessly to protect and promote around 8500 fish and chip shops in the United Kingdom. They serve proper fishes and chips as they bring the fishes from the trawler Arnar directly. On the other hand, the chips along with vinegar and the mushy peas come from England.

3. Matur OG drykkur (Grandagarður 2, Reykjavík)

Matur OG drykkur (Grandagarður 2, Reykjavík)Matur OG drykkur is renowned for serving traditional and Icelandic dishes. The signature dish of this eatery is the cod’s head. They cook it with chicken stock and dulse. Besides, the cod’s head is served with a tasty potato salad, which makes it an amazing seafood dish.

4. MAR Seafood Restaurant (Old Harbor, Central Reykjavik)

MAR Seafood Restaurant acknowledges the contribution of the sea around us. For this reason, the owner of this eatery has named it MAR, which is an Old Icelandic word for the ocean. Located at the old harbor in the center of Reykjavík, this restaurant is a classic combination of South-American and southern European style. The signature dishes in this restaurant are fish and nuggets with various gourmet dishes are also available for restaurant-goers. What’s more, all the dishes are served in an elegant and beautiful way. If you have a careful look around the eatery, you will find the entire décor provides a Scandinavian minimalist décor with an authentic old-harbor feel.

5. Sægreifinn (Tryggvagata, Reykjavík)

Sægreifinn is a small yet a popular seafood restaurant in Reykjavik. Founded by Kjartan Halldórsson, a former chef for Icelandic Coast Guard, this restaurant is famous for serving delicious lobster soup. However, you may love to try fermented skate, which is one of the traditional dishes in Iceland as well.

6. Kopar Seafood Restaurant (The Old Harbor – Reykjavik)

Kopar Seafood Restaurant (The Old Harbor – Reykjavik)

Kopar seafood restaurant is located at the old harbor of Reykjavik. It’s one of that eatery with a tremendous reputation of serving Icelandic Rock Crab. This rock crab is brought from Hvalfjörður fjord. However, their dishes just don’t stop here as you will have the options of choosing from a variety of sea fishes and meat dishes like the Icelandic lamb. In truth, Kopar is one of the best seafood restaurants with a unique décor where you will get to eat many tasteful seafood dishes.

7. Argentina Steakhouse (Reykjavik Central, Capital Area)

The last seafood restaurant on our list is the Argentina Steakhouse, which is located in the Capital Area of Reykjavik Central region. The signature dish here is the Argentinian-style grilled meats and fishes. From the very beginning, the eatery focused on serving Icelandic beef of highest quality. However, you can even eat different kinds of seafood and meat items like the Icelandic lamb.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is no matter which seafood restaurant you decide to go, you will always get the very best quality seafood in Reykjavik. In fact, millions of tourists from around the world come to Reykjavik to witness the mystic blue whale and combine with it, they hover around at different places to eat seafood. So, tell us if we have missed any of the best seafood restaurants in Reykjavik by commenting below!

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